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Magical Theatre Experience

While we will miss having children fill our theatre this season, we are excited to bring you a series of exclusive videos to bring the magic of theatre to you at home and school.

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Experience original, behind-the-scenes content on aspects of theatre production such as costumes, makeup, acting, choreography, set design, props, shadow box creation, sound, lighting and writing plays.

Our series will launch on YouTube on February 2, 2021 with how-to modules.  We will also be posting a full length video productions of The Tortoise and the Hare and OZ!


The Tortoise and the Hare

Book  Music & Lyrics by Carol Weiss, Directed by Daniel Smith

Welcome to Animal High School! Join big ego Hip-Hop Harry Hare and small but spunky Teddy Tortoise in this musical based on Aesop’s fable. Animal High needs new football uniforms and new books for the library but can’t afford both. Teddy devises a scheme to raise money, but Harry and his pals bully the tortoise and his friends.Teddy challenges Hip-Hop Harry Hare to a very long race, hoping that his own perseverance will be a match for Harry’s speed. Teddy works out every day, saying his anthem: “Don’t stop.  Never, ever stop.” Harry the Hare can’t imagine training. He is certain he will always win a race against a slow-moving tortoise. Will Harry leave Teddy in the dust and win the race?

Click HERE for the Educator’s Resource to The Tortoise and the Hare.



Book by Tim Kelly – Music & Lyrics by Bill Francouer – Directed by Julia Holland

When a tornado rips through Kansas, Dorothy and her dog Toto are whisked away to the magical land of Oz.  As they follow the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wizard and find their way home, Dorothy and Toto come upon a Scarecrow that needs a brain, a kindly Tin Man missing a heart, and a lovable Cowardly Lion who wants courage.  Together they battle the Wicked Witch of the West and her winged monkeys until Glinda the Good Witch helps them get to the Emerald City.  Will the great and powerful Oz grant Dorothy and her friends their wishes?

Click HERE for the Educator’s Resource to OZ!


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